Introduction to Eduk8te

Eduk8te is a community-based platform that is powered by AISG's roadmaps to bring more relevant resources for AI4I learners as well as any self-directed learners who wish to learn more about a particular topic.

Our minimum viable product (MVP) that you are seeing now is designed about the scope of "Machine Learning" as a key topic/root node that learners can explore and discover new topics as well as find out relevant courses, articles, videos and other resources around the topic of interest.

Roadmap of Eduk8te

  • Stage 1: Identifying topics from curriculum.
  • Stage 2: Identifying personal skills gap (tentative - under construction)
  • Stage 3: Building expert roadmaps (tentative - under construction)


Eduk8te is a project by AI Apprentices Kenneth Goh and Joseph Lim from Batch 6 of the AIAP Programme. Our mission is to help self-directed learners to quickly identify their skills gaps, find the relevant roadmaps and find the necessary resources to achieve their goals.